Begam Jewelry

A couple of words about our company:
There is me Liuba Begam and my husband Robert Lempert.
When I came to Israel in 1997 I was unsure – for as long as I can remember from the early childhood I loved doing things with my own hands, and when I got a little older I got interested in the design. Still it was pretty scary to start a company. Finally with the love and support of my family I have made a decision, and in 2003 began making jewelry full time. That is how Begam Jewelry came to be.
The responsibilities in our little venture are divided evenly – I create the designs and the jewelry, and Robert is focused on the sales and marketing, as well as logistics and business development.
Design Concept
I was born and raised in Moldova – the country of sunny hills, rolling greens, fruitful orchards and vineyards. And now I live in Israel, in Tel-Aviv, the best city in the world. The air, the sea and the free spirit of Tel-Aviv inspire me to create the style of the jewelry. We have a small Israeli company. It’s unlikely you will be impressed by the size of our shop floor or by the sparkle of expensive stones, but! Every single piece I’ve made with my own hands. It is so wonderful to create BEAUTY out for a piece of chain, ball of wire and fistful of semi-precious stones. We believe that jewelry has to be made with human hands, or else it will not have the warmth of the soul of the master. We make jewelry for self-confident successful women, the kind of women who know who they are, and are not afraid to show it. A woman in our jewelry always feels special, unique and unmatched in every way. They like fresh Mediterranean Breeze fill you with positive energy.
My Jewelry
I love making rings, necklaces, bracelets that look like no other. Color, texture of the metals and stones, the mixture of styles, oxidized silver with gold or goldfield, semi-precious stones – processed, or raw, I continue to be amazed by the possibilities they open before me.
Many of our jewelry exist only as a single item, not only because we do not like to repeat ourselves, but also because it is impossible to find identical stones. Mother of pearl, agate, opal, jasper, jade, pearls – all of them are different. So the jewelry is often impossible to replicate.
I am happy to share with you the fruit of my labor. I hope that my jewelry will make you happier and you will find your way back to our site again, and again.